A Fresh Idea

I have been reading some blogs about GM’ing, and I have realized a flaw in how I run my games… I don’t really ask you guys to set long term goals for your characters. I guess I started thinking along those lines when I came up with the idea for each of you to work out a story idea, but nothing on this level.

So here is our next goal: everyone will decide on a basic story arc for their character. I won’t get in the way, as I want this to be something each of you contribute to. If it gets in the way of one of my ideas, I can work around it. I will need each of you to let me in on it so I can give opportunities for the story to develop along the way, but I think it would make the overall story more interesting than just going along with my story all the time.

Once you have your idea all set, you can send it to me via a private message on this site.

That’s it for this update. I hope this leads to some really interesting ideas in future sessions!

- Farley

Time Meddlers

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