The daughter of Rassilon.


Charged with theft of Timelord relics, Ashilon was pressed into service helping a Netan soldier named Raptor 7 locate and hunt down a Sontaran General named Stahl.

While on this assignment, Ashilon made a deal to end her sentence in exchange for investigating a Timelord distress call on the planet Procyon Zeta. Unfortunately, Ashilon had no time to celebrate her new-found freedom, as she was thrown into the middle of a Timewar against the Daleks.

The Timewar left Ashilon alone with no one but her Tardis, but she eventually met new friends whom she now travels with.

Ashilon also recently met a hologram of her father, Rassilon, that told her of a project he had begun long ago. She has decided to take up his work in order to help the Timelords in their hour of great need.

Currently traveling with Linux and Paul Guzzi.

(This information is up to date as of the July 2013 session Space Junk)


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