Current ruler of the planet Gallifrey.


Stav (or "High Chief General King Stav, the to you) currently rules the planet of Stav (also known as the planet formerly known as Gallifrey). Stav likes fighting and wars and fighting during war. He also likes science (especially science used for war). His job was to steal technology and modify it for new weapons for the Sontaran army. A while back a fellow sontaran betrayed him and his unit, leaving them for dead on an enemy planet with nothing but their wits. After months, Stav was able to get off the planet, and return home (after killing and other fun things like that).

He then traveled around with Ashilon and the ugly, smelly Raptor 7. They were listening to some bossy timelord give orders. He helped make sure the best side won at the battle of Gallifrey, and even offered Ashilon and Raptor 7 a nice new home planet of Clom, which they declined, leading to the unworthy Raptor 7’s much deserved death.

While he did not get personal revenge on the Sontaran who betrayed him, he was able to get both Dalek and Timelord technology in the hands of the Sontarans, making them the most powerful race in the galaxy. With their Dalek eye-stalk guns and their Sontardis’s©, they can finally reign the biggest war even in the history of all space and time.


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