A wise Timelord fed up with his people.


Tovar has always been a respected Timelord, working directly with Rassilon shortly after the invention of the first Tardis and even spending some time as a member of the Timelord high council during his third regeneration. He quickly became disillusioned with Timelord society and decided to venture out into the galaxy. He spent hundreds of years exploring before realizing he would be able to do more good by helping the few Timelords who were willing to take a more active role in protecting the universe from new and dangerous threats.

Tovar was a good friend to Old Man during their early days working with Rassilon. While Old Man was Rassilon’s most promising student, Tovar was his most ardent supporter within the government. He was instrumental in setting the thirteen life regeneration limit, as well as declaring the first timewar against the Great Vampires.

The Time Meddlers met Tovar on Procyon Zeta and assisted him in closing time rifts. They met him again on planet Skaro, and where with him when he sacrificed his life to destroy the Dalek Emperor on the moon, Falkus.


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