Time Meddlers

S3 Ep4: The Inheritor of Rassilon
The pieces start to line up...
S3 Ep3: Space Junk
A message appears for Ashilon...
S3 Ep2: Royal Flush
A mysterious stranger has invaded the Tardis...
S3 Ep1: The Daughter of Rassilon
The Tardis begins to fall apart, but not before calling in some help...
S2 Ep5: Desperation of the Daleks
The tables are turned...
S2 Ep4: Empire of the Daleks
The time meddlers are sent to assassinate Davros...
S2 Ep3: The Battle of Procyon Zeta
The Time-war is now in full swing...

As the Tardis made it’s way toward their destination on Procyon Zeta, Ashilon noticed a beeping sound that she realized was coming from the device that Old Man had given her. She took the device apart to investigate it, but reassembled it when it stopped working. This restored the device to normal and it began beeping again.

The Tardis informed Ashilon that there was a message for her. The message was from the Timekeeper, and he informed them that the Daleks had begun to invade the planet in order to find a Timelord scientist named Maslaton (who specialized in decoding Dalek messages).

The Tardis landed and said ‘Oops…. Close enough’ because it’s Chameleon Circuit failed to make a perfect disguise. It disguised itself like the coral buildings nearby, but it got the color wrong. The inhabitants of the village had all noticed the strange blue coral building and started staring at it. The team researched the creatures (called Tcharnaia) in the Tardis database before walking out to greet them.

Ashilon stepped out first and informed the Tcharnaia that they had come in peace… just in time to realize that a soldier was standing right next to her and guarding the door with a Staser. More soldiers were called to help the first one, and the team was ordered to drop all weapons. One of those soldiers then went and gathered an elder, and another asked Ashilon how she made the coral on her house blue. The elder asked them how they had escaped the Timelord facility and the team decided to make up a story about arriving to investigate a distress signal. Ashilon held out Old Man’s communicator as a fake signal device, and the elder swiped it and took it apart. Another approached them and told them about the fate of the Timelord facility. The team learned that it was very likely that a group of Timelords had escaped the Dalek attack in a submarine and made it into the shelter of one of the nearby caves.

After they had learned this, they were reintroduced to Amelia. She informed them that she was not happy with the fact that she had been stranded on an alien planet after the team had promised to get her to safety. The team agreed to take her home if she would help them locate Maslaton, and she decided to go along regardless to make sure they did not leave her behind again. They saw a wanted poster of Jack the Traveler which accused him of many crimes, which was noticed on the way to arrange for transport. The Tcharnaia noticed that Ashilon was not armored, and so they made her some coral armor.

The team was assigned five guards and pointed in the direction of the marshes. About 2/3 of the way through their journey, the team noticed a Dalek ship overhead. Two Daleks then flew in from overhead; one landing in the water and getting stuck, and the other landing on solid ground. The Tcharnaia distracted the Daleks long enough for the team to escape (and none survive), and they made it to the caves. They found the right cave and spoke with Maslaton, arriving at the decision to return to the Tcharnaia village in order to escape.

They worked with the Timelords to defeat the Dalek that had pursued them through the marshes and quickly made their way back to the village. The village was under attack, and so the other Timelords ran in to join the fight on the ground while the Tcharnaia defended the skies. The team snuck around behind the buildings and made it to a hanger. They come across a young Tcharnaia who had rebuilt the communication device and coated it in coral, and they took off in Tcharnaia ships to help defend the village.

They successfully destroyed the Daleks and landed next to the Tardis. Ashilon noticed a small, green pin shaped like a question mark which had been in her pocket. They entered the Tardis along with Amelia, the Tcharnaia, and Maslaton. They called for a pickup for Maslaton, and he was safely returned to Gallifrey. They decided to keep the Tcharnaia around and Amelia decided that she would keep an eye on it in order to keep it from tearing everything apart. Amelia forced them to decide whether she would be returned home or not, and they tell her that they might need her to help (this is a stall tactic). The team then took off for Skaro to continue their mission.

S2 Ep2: Enemy of the Daleks
A shaky alliance is formed...

The team arrived on planet Sontar and met both Commander Sarg and Stav. They entered the nearby Dalek ship to find it empty, but undamaged. They continued their investigation of the ship and found cages filled with multiple alien species, one of whom was a mysterious man dressed as a cowboy. They talked to him for a while and decided to risk releasing all of the prisoners from the holding area.

This set off an alarm and activated some Dalek Puppets. The Puppets were in the way of the team’s escape, and so everyone took cover in the bridge. Raptor 7 checked the computers on the bridge and found some communication logs that showed that The Timekeeper had been trying to form an alliance with Davros.

Meanwhile, Stav and Jack worked to hold off the puppets. More puppets arrived and Raptor 7 decided to help them out. Ashilon took over the investigation of the computer and found a video revealing that the Daleks had a box in the holding area that none of them had noticed. The box was opened by a rift, and three weeping angels exited. The ship was then emptied of Daleks, and the angels escaped through the rift (arriving on Procyon Zeta after being lured in by Tovar’s scanner).

Stav attempted to lead the rest of the creatures out of the ship once the way out seemed to be clear, and Jack returned to the others and helped them continue their investigation of the ships computers. Stav encountered even more Dalek Puppets on the way to the exit, but managed to take on all four of them on his own.

Everyone then regrouped near the holding area, where Sarg challenged Raptor 7 to a battle to the death. Raptor 7 won, and the rest of the team (except Jack, who disappeared) returned to the Tardis to continue their mission. Stav reported to the Sontaran battle fleet that the Dalek ship was operational and ready for pick-up, and then he asked to join the Tardis crew and help with their mission. They accepted his offer, and then called Gallifrey to confront the Timekeeper about his involvement with Davros. The Timekeeper told them that they were cleaning up his mess for him, and that they still had more work to do. The team selected their next mission, and ventured off to Procyon Zeta to retrieve the Timelord scientist.

S2 Ep1: The Shattered Planet
Stranded without their Tardis or any clue as to where they might be...

The team found themselves in the middle of a desert on the planet where they were supposed to meet Tovar, but they had arrived 200 years too early. After making sure everyone was okay, they started deciding what they should do next. Little Helper’s arm had fallen off because of the fall from the portal and the events of their trip to the anti-matter universe, and Ashilon helped reattach it using her sonic screwdriver.

The sonic screwdriver was detected by a patrol of soldiers, who decided to investigate the sonic activity. The team hid behind a nearby rock and used Little Helper to try and talk to the soldiers, but the soldiers decided that the Cyberman had to be a weapon and their leader ordered that the android be destroyed. Little Helper followed the order himself and destroyed his own body, detaching his head and crawling toward the team. With their position now revealed to the soldiers, the team was forced to defend themselves. Ashilon was injured, but Raptor 7 managed to hold his own.

After a while, the fight was interrupted by a group of four Judoon who defeated three of the five soldiers. The remaining two ran away, and the Judoon asked the team to identify themselves by name and species. They seemed confused when Ashilon said she was from Gallifrey, and demanded that they be lead to the nearest civilized area. The team explained that they were unable to, as they were also new to the planet.

They all began to walk in the direction that the soldiers fled (Ashilon carrying Little Helper’s head), and they noticed that there was a destroyed dome on the other side of a strange shimmering window that stretched from the ground up into the sky. They walked through the window to find that the ground was like glass. They then noticed an intact domed city off in the distance. They decided to go toward the domed city rather than the ruins, and Little Helper told them that they were now in the same time coordinate as Tovar and that his Tardis was in the ruins. They continued on toward the domed city along with the Judoon until they encountered a Dalek. The Judoon managed to stop the Dalek, and they told the team all about the Daleks. The team decided that it would be unwise to try and enter the city while it was filled with Daleks, and they instead started walking back toward the ruins from earlier.

Once they reached the ruins, they were reunited with Tovar and the Judoon demanded that he identify himself. He said that he was a Timelord and the Judoon accused him of lying because there is only one Timelord left, and he was not that Timelord. They argued for a bit before Tovar brought them all into his Tardis to show them that the source of the time rifts would occur very soon on this planet somewhere in the domed city. They were unable to identify the planet because it had not yet been discovered by the Timelords. Tovar believed that the rifts came from an exploding time machine, and said that they could not leave the planet until the event was prevented.

The team decided that they needed to prevent the time capsule from being destroyed, and so they walked back toward the domed city. They managed to make it to the main entrance of the dome without any problems, and the Judoon kicked the door down. What remained of Little Helper was able to trace the time echos and pointed them toward a building. They heard the voice of Davros over loudspeakers calling for the guard to be increased due to one of the Daleks going missing. The team made their way toward the installation, noticing that the city was in disrepair. A group of Daleks attacked them, but only the Judoon were noticed. The team manages to sneak their way into the installation while the Judoon unwittingly acted as a distraction.

They entered the facility and found scientists working on what looked to be a prototype time capsule. Daleks began bearing down on the team after they accidentally tripped an alarm, and one of the scientists ran into the capsule in a panicked attempt to escape and preserve the experiment from harm. The capsule was incomplete, and so it exploded the moment it was activated. This caused time to shatter, and portals through time appeared throughout Skaro. Some of these portals were impenetrable, protecting the team from their Dalek pursuers, but also separating them from Tovar. Tovar told them to continue on without him, saying that he might be able to use the pieces of the damaged capsule to build a way out. The team reunited with the Judoon and made their way back to Tovar’s Tardis in an effort to escape.

Along the way, they realized that the portals actually lead them from one time period to the next, fluctuating from the past (pre-Dalek), the present (early Dalek/destruction of capsule), and future (the timewar). After witnessing the raw power of the Daleks by viewing a massive battle from the future time war, they finally arrived at Tovar’s Tardis. They were unable to get in, but Ashilon’s own Tardis unexpectedly arrived as if it had been sent to her location.

The team and the Judoon entered the Tardis and were greeted by a recording of The Timekeeper. He announced that he was now Lord President of Gallifrey, and presented the dead body of Borusa to them as proof. He then told them that he had the Tardis modified, and it could only go to locations that he had programmed in for them. He gave them the choice between helping locate a missing scientist on Procyon Zeta, eliminating Davros on future Skaro, or investigating a downed Dalek ship on planet Sontar. They chose to go to Sontar, and the Tardis began it’s journey there.


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